Vol V Issue 1

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Crystal Cruises Recognizes Creativity as a Priority
Last year Crystal Cruises announced that it was adding a new ship to its fleet. The Crystal Serenity will join the Symphony and the Harmony in July 2003 as the third ship in the luxury cruise line offered by Crystal. While the ship will boast many extravagant features, such as the best space-per-guest ratio among the three Crystal ships, five dining options nightly, and more staterooms with verandas than its sister ships, the Serenity will also be built with the most important feature that can be imagined aboard a new cruise ship: an art studio! According to the November 7, 2001 press release, the aptly named Creative Learning Center will serve to facilitate a range of interactive educational classes.

Believed to be the only ship with a space designated for less-than-tidy creativity, the Crystal Serenity will cater to Odyssey Art at Sea students by providing space to store art supplies and display completed work. By assigning a room for art and other creative endeavors, Crystal will allow the guests to stretch their imagination without worrying about staining the upholstery or ruining the carpet.

Much more than just a room on a ship, the Creative Learning Center shows that Crystal Cruises recognizes the importance of artistic expression to the patrons of the rapidly expanding business of luxury cruises. By Tony Apuzzo

Linda's Corner
What Odyssey Art classes does for our students continues to get more exciting. We have left behind old stereotypes about art classes and use a wealth of new ideas to motivate each class whether it is on land or at sea, teaching children or adults.

Not very many people need to develop advanced art skills to have a happy, successful life. What we do need is the ability to develop and create innovative solutions to everyday problems. What Odyssey Art does is focus more on creativity and less on a particular method of doing art. In that vein we often use the art of an area as a jumping-off point. What does this do? It keeps our minds open and stimulates new ideas. Parents are excited about our holistic approach, and our classes serve as an enrichment program which has structure and depth. The program has similarly benefited adults through the Odyssey Art at Sea classes on board cruise ships. We have received glowing reviews from adults who have never had the opportunity to do art and who are finding it to be an outlet for their creativity in their newly gained free time as recent retirees.

In an effort to extend the influence of Odyssey Art, we are now in the process of looking for individuals who would like to become Odyssey Art franchisees. If you know someone who might like to do this, please feel free to contact me.


Gabrielle, right age 10 years, next to Megan Incledon. She started Odyssey art classes at age 5.
tudent Snapshot
Gabrielle Grantham: I love art so much. It is a lot of fun, and I've been taking classes with Mrs. Hickey (Fleetwood Center) since I was in pre-school. I love to express my feelings on paper. Sometimes I just do an art project if I want to make a gift or just for fun. Also Mrs. Hickey teaches me about all different kinds of artists and how they paint. My parents are very proud of me for how much I love art.

Paper mache a plastic bowl using 3 layers of strips of newspaper. Paint all one color using tempera paints. Allow to dry. Pour metallic fabric paint from rim and allow to run into center of bowl. Imbed fabric paint with beads and/or jewels, so it has a mosaic like appearance. Allow several days to dry. Voila -- a beautiful jeweled bowl!

Alice Joselow's Chocolate Torte
This recipe will guarantee you'll be asked to make it again and again -- or at least to give out the recipe.
1lb. butter
1 cup + 2 tbs. sugar
1 cup + 2tbs. hot strong espresso (2 tsp. powder in water)
24 oz. semi sweet chocolate
6 large eggs at room temperature
6 large egg yolks
powdered sugar
Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Generously butter a 8" to 9" spring form pan. Line bottom of pan with wax paper (cut into a circle) and butter paper.
Melt 4 sticks of butter with the sugar and espresso until the sugar dissolves.
Add all of the chocolate bits to the liquid and stir until melted and smooth. Slightly cool the mixture.
Put all of the eggs and yolks into another bowl and beat until frothy. Whisk the eggs into the cool mixture.
Pour batter into prepared pan. Put pan on a heavy cookie sheet.
Bake approximately 1 hour. Enjoy!

Worth a Lk
American Museum of Natural History
Baseball as America Through August 18, 2002. This exhibit celebrates America's romance with baseball and examines the enduring impact of baseball on American culture. Meeting God: Elements of Hindu Devotion Through February 24, 2002. An intimate portrait of Hinduism's rituals, prayers, customs and festivals in India.
At the Met, New York
Gauguin. June 18 to October 20, 2002. From New York Collections. Japanese Art October 1, 2002 to March 2, 2003. From the Collection of Sylvia Barnet and William Burto.
Eastchester, New York
Carole Hickey (Odyssey Art, Fleetwood) is showing her watercolors at Molly Maguire's Restaurant.
Fridays at 7 pm
Odyssey Art Centers presents Watercolor with Linda Perlmutter on local cable channels (Channel 16)

dyssey Interactive

Comments received by Cynthia Mottershaw on Crystal Harmony
The scrimshaw was new to me and it was very interesting. The art class was very enjoyable. Cynthia is outstanding as a teacher. She has patience, charm and makes each student feel that their creation is great...
Comments received by Sonya Lehman on Crystal Harmony
This experience was one of the nicest IÕve ever had. I'll have art treasures to always remind me of the cruise. I think it was a lot of fun. I have wanted to take watercolor classes for a long time. Now I am inspired to do it when I get home. Sonya is a very talented, charming and elegant lady -- perfect for Crystal.
Comment received by Louise Waters on Crystal Harmony
I enjoyed it thoroughly! Louise provided everyone with positive feedback which to me was very important. I had never attempted any of the types of events Louise had planned for us. Thank you for Odyssey Art at Sea.

Odyssey Art on the Move
Crystal Symphony
Reeva Oppenheim
June 25 to July 7
Andrea Osnow
July 19 to August 2
Maria Cogelia
August 13 to 25
Marilyn Rees
August 25 to Sept. 18

Cynthia Mottershaw
September 16 to Oct. 7

Hope Friedland
July 26 to August 1,
August 20 to 26
Nancy Armano
August 26 to Sept. 1
Maggie Hunt
September 1 to 7

Silk painting on the high seas

Crystal Harmony
Linda Freeman
July 28 to August 9
Enid Roitman,
Carole Reeve-Newson
August 9 to 21
Cathy VanDerMeulen
August 21 to Sept. 2

On Sale Now...
Two new holiday cards by Linda Perlmutter are now available at stationary and
department stores. Look for the H.G. Caspari display.

Odyssey Art Centers
Summer Workshops

Week 1: July 1 to 5
9 am-12:45 pm
Creative Clothing! (jewelry, tie die, silk painting, and more!)

Week 2: July 8 to 12
9 am-12 noon
Creative Stitchery (create unique art and more!)
Sleepy Hollow
9 am-12 noon
Week 1: June 24 to 28
Royalty Reigns! (create thrones, scepters, crowns and more!)

Week 2: July 8 to 12
Creative clothing (jewelry, tie die, silk painting, and more!)

Week 3: July 15 to 19
Wooden Wonders (create door knobs, sculptures and more!)

Week 4: July 22 to 26
Clay Creations (create bowls, creatures, and more!)

Art History
Linda Perlmutter and Peter Joselow in the Sleepy Hollow Studio.     Matthew Marshall, Sleepy Hollow artisan, age 7, with his painting on canvas.
Sarah Handelman, Sleepy Hollow artisan, age 6, with her plan for her african mask.     Robin Koffler with son Brian, Sleepy Hollow artisan, age 8, at the art show.
Nina Skoko, Sleepy Hollow artisan, age 6.     Linda Freeman, Odyssey Art at Sea teacher with the Crystal Cruise World Quilt for 2002.

¤Keigan Lenihan and Pierson Holliday, both Odyssey Art Sleepy Hollow Bristles were accepted into Hackley School, Tarrytown, NY.
¤Laura Kirschner, former Odyssey Art artisan, Sleepy Hollow, was selected to participate in the Elementary All County Music festival, held March 6th at SUNY Purchase.
¤Stephen Mignogna, former Odyssey Art artisan, Sleepy Hollow and Mariah Hagen, former Odyssey Art master, Sleepy Hollow were both awarded a New York State Regents Merit Scholarship for Academic Excellence. Annabel Ibanez, former Odyssey Art artisan and master, qualified as a candidate for the New York State Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship.
¤Thomas Carraro, Odyssey Art artisan, Sleepy Hollow participated in a WordMaster's Challenge. He and his third grade classmates at Morse School, Tarrytown, NY. won highest honors.
¤Micah Joselow former Odyssey Art artisan, Ossining won first prize in a contest sponsored by IBM. The contest was to redesign their school with a lot of preset criteria. He won a Palm Pilot for his efforts.
¤Eiko Suzuki, former Odyssey Art artisan,Sleepy Hollow has graduated from the International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan and will be attending Lafeyette College in Easton, PA.
¤Hope Friedland's watercolor painting "Gone Fishing" was the first place prize winner in the watercolor category of the 56th Beaux Arts Finale of the Westchester County Federation of Women's Clubs. She is an Odyssey Art at Sea teacher,
Please let us know of other awards or items of interest!
Send to Odyssey Artifacts, Box 512, Tarrytown, New York 10591


The black shapes may seem unrelated, but they go together. This is actually a familiar subject. It is another example of "closure." Can you figure out what it is?
Thank You
... to the following students for this issue's "Artifacts" illuminated letters: Allegra Carter, Clare Chang, Emma Maltby, Haley Muratore, Nina Skoko, Casey Tillis, Sleepy Hollow Odyssey Art artisans

Also to: Tony Apuzzo for researching and writing the article on Crystal Serenity and Linda Matera, Magi Wilson, and Tony Apuzzo for doing the labels on the print editions of Artifacts.
"The artist needs but a roof, a crust of bread, and his easel, and all the rest God gives him in abundance. He must live to paint and not paint to live."

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