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Vol III Issue 1

200 Pioneers
In the last 10 years of this past millennium we’ve had an astounding change in our lives. The dramatic changes wrought by the invention of the computer surpasses even the invention of the printing press; yet both forever changed life. With just about everything in the world accessible from our home computers will we all become couch potatoes in the next millennium? Some of us sure will—but the curiosity and spirit of adventure that has characterized mankind from its beginning certainly will not die. There is still a frontier. Be prepared! The exploration of space and the planets and particularly Mars which was begun in the latter half of this century will certainly continue. Why? Because it’s there. Mars will be colonized. In the not too distant future thousands of people will learn to cope with the harshness of the Martian environment. They’ll write poetry, create art, build buildings, grow food, and do all the other things necessary for the human being to survive both in body and in soul. Those who venture up there will be the equivalent of the explorers of the 15th and 16th century, enduring tremendous hardships. The NASA Mars Millennium project which all Odyssey centers will participate in, will take on another special meaning. Some of our own students may well be the Mars explorers of the new millennium. Now that’s a thought…


Linda’s Corner
I am delighted when an old student stops in. I often don’t even recognize these adults. But there is a tremendous warmth and feeling of nostalgia when we reminisce. Many past students have already accomplished great things. Regitze, an architect in Denmark, usually drops in when she comes to the US. Adam, whom I hadn’t seen in 10 or 15 years, and has recently returned from England as a writer and documentary film maker, reviewed projects he had done with me in art class. Odyssey Art students are destined for big things. Odyssey Art is more, after all, than just an art class. Its an enrichment program chock full of exciting projects which relate to every subject area. It appeals to the brightest students, and the peer group in each of our classes tends to border on extraordinary. Recently an article in the New York Times concluded that quality day care is tied to achievements as an adult. If we define high quality as constancy of staff, a thoughtful, remarkable and intelligent curriculum, and small group size, then we can understand why the Odyssey Art program leads to achievement. Our students also tend to return for many years and it is not unusual for my old students to return to adult classes. (They are given preference.) I love my students of all ages—the fact that they are achievers, generally is wonderful—, but my real pride is that somehow the Odyssey Art program has made them happier, better adjusted adults.


tudent Snapshot      by Liza Maloy
Seven years and twenty-one art shows ago when I was six, a friend of mine told me about a class she was taking. Now here I am at the age of twelve, soon to be thirteen, and an advanced art student at Odyssey Art Centers in Mrs. Perlmutter’s studio. These art classes have benefited me in multiple ways. For one, they have taught me how to relax. They have helped me in school. For example, when we studied Greek Mythology I already knew a few facts from my art class. This class is a lot of fun. I have learned many ways to express myself through the tip of my brush. I have always felt that a a week is not complete without art. Art is a major part of my life and perhaps a big part of my future. I feel that I should give credit to three people who have supported me all the way: my parents and Mrs. Perlmutter. This class does not have many limitations and and allows me to express myself freely. I am permitted to use almost any material I desire.


ake your birthday really special
Odyssey art center birthday parties can be tailor made to any child’s age and interests. Since “doing art” encompasses a wide spectrum of choices we have developed a birthday party package. Your Odyssey Art teacher will be happy to guide you through our many selections. Face painting is included in all packages.

Danielle Petitti and her friends using model
magic at her 5 year birthday party.
Carole Hickey, Odyssey Art instructor, with face paint on

Ryan Tara's birthday party at Fleetwood Odyssey Art Center


rt History

Children at the Ossining Odyssey Art Center doing a variety of art activities. Front to back: Brian Cipollina, Christopher Doyle, Meredith Davis. In the back: Alexander D’Attore, Timothy George, Noah Gordon

Painting at Fleetwood Odyssey Art Center. From left to right: Megan Toffolon, Carole Hickey, Nicole Weiss, Kallie Henderson, Megan Murray, Sara Monaco
Tot Group with puppets they made at the Sleepy Hollow Odyssey Art Center. Left to right, top row: Vikki Saunders, Katherine Petitti, Beth Corwin, Lisa Santo. Bottom row: Gabi Kahn, Danielle Petitti, Buddy Corwin, Adam Rosenblum, Lauren Santo


Worth a Lk
ModernStarts A series of exhibitions presenting well-known and and less-familiar art works of the period 1880-1920 in unusual juxtapositions and new contexts. ModernStarts: Things Through March 14, 2000. Explores the presentation and representation of ordinary objects. ModernStarts: Places Through March 14, 2000. Examines early modern interpretations of real and imaginary sites.

At the Met
A Century of Design, Part I: 1900-1925 December 14, 1999 – March 26, 2000. The first in a four-part series of exhibitions surveying design in the 20th century. Part I highlights Arts and Craft, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. Klee Paintings Through March 12, 2000. Paintings from the Berggruen Klee Collection, spanning the years 1920 to 1937.

Katonah Museum of Art
William Wegman January 16 – July 4, 2000. Wegman’s work is always amusing.

Imagynasium A CD-Rom, for children 7 to 12, that lets them refine their storytelling, music and art skills. “Despite the thought and effort that has been put into Imagynasium,” New York Times reviewer J. D. Biersdorfer points out,“it is still not a substitute for spending time with paint and crayons.”

If you’re in Israel be sure to check out Dale Chihuly’s exhibit at the Tower of David Museum. Our favorites include his colored and shaped glass—some very large scale taking their inspration from sea life. Check out “the Blue Tower”—a 46 foot pillar made of hundreds of undulating kelp like pieces. The exhibit will last until July 2000.


dyssey Interactive
The following comments are from notes Nina Silver received while she was teaching aboard the Radisson “Navigator” last Christmas:

“I think all the people on this cruise should take these classes.”

“This is the most fun I’ve had in awhile.”

“You came so well prepared; the feathers are so beautiful.”

“I thought I was not creative, but look at my mask! Thanks for your encouragement!”

And these comments came to Odyssey Art from a birthday girl and her mother:

“Dear Mrs. Hickey, Thank you for making my birthday party the best! All my art work (Model Magic) is up in my room. I loved doing Model Magic. Love, A.”

“The kids had a super time and I was so impressed with your craft workshop and how patient and helpful you were with the girls. Many thanks! B.”


Odyssey Art on the Move

On board Crystal Symphony
World Cruise:

Linda Perlmutter
Sydney to Singapore
February 25 to March 20, 2000

Maritza McCaskill
Singapore to Cape Town
March 20 to April 12, 2000

Zoe Mac
Cape Town to London
April 12 to May 4, 2000

Sheila Berkley
Athens to Lisbon
October 19 to November 10, 2000

Dorothy Calio
Lisbon to Acapulco
November 10 to December 1, 2000

On board Crystal Harmony:
Carole Hickey
Sydney to Ft. Lauderdale
October 26 to November 27, 2000



Some Unusual Art Sites
Creates instant, customized maps. Mapquest will find any location and give directions, to get there.
The Intel Corporation has created a site that offers users a worm’s-eye view of two of van Gogh’s canvases: “The Yellow House” and “The Bedroom”.
This site has a variety of art resource links, which will help locate all the art information you need.
See how professionals use Ampersand Products and the results they get. Product information and tips, too! Ampersand is the manufacturer of clayboard which we use in the studios and at sea.
General Pencil is a premiere manu-facturer for pencils and other art related supplies, which we use in the studios and at sea. Find the history behind the products. Their “kiss-off” stain remover is a must for artists.



The Mars Millennium Project
The NASA Mars Millenium Project is under way! We are using Alexander Calder as our jumping off point and creating our vision according to the NASA guidelines. Watch for our displays in the local areas this spring.
  • South Salem – March 2000
    Katonah Library
    Reception: Saturday, March 11, 2-3:30pm

  • Sleepy Hollow – April 2000
    Warner Libray, Tarrytown, NY.
    Reception: Monday, April 10, 7-8pm

  • Ossining – April 2000
    Ossining Library, Ossining, NY

  • Fleetwood –
    Will Library, Yonkers, NY

    olors for a New Era
    According to the color marketing group, colors for the year 2000 will reflect consumers’ desires for calmness and simplicity. The neutral shades will be popular for products that must function in a variety of settings. Blue will be the the most important color, as it can be both soothing and spiritual. Earth colors will be big, as they will reflect warmth and color in our surroundings.



    What profession did
    Paul Gauguin practice
    before he became a painter?

    The first ten winners
    get an Odyssey Art cap.
    E-mail us or write.


    Make a Stick Weaving

    Use twigs or chopsticks. Cut pieces of yarn or fabrics into long thin pieces. Lay sticks side by side. Twist pipe cleaners across the middle by going under and over each stick. Make a loop on the back for hanging. Allow 6-7 twigs per hanging. Weave rows one at a time. Tie to outside of stick when done. Push rows close together.



    * Russell Anello, former Odyssey Art Student, Sleepy Hollow was a National Merit Semi-Finalist. He attends Sleepy Hollow High School, NY. We just learned he was admitted early decision to Harvard University.
    * Peter Cole, Odyssey Art Student, Ossining, was chosen to illustrate the DARE box in Claremont School, Ossing, NY.
    * Barbara Riso, former Odyssey Art Student, Sleepy Hollow, designed logo for NY State Counseling Association.
    Please let us know of other awards or items of interest! Send to Odyssey Artifacts, Box 512, Tarrytown, New York 10591


    Every artist dips his brush into his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
    HENRY WARD BEECHER (1813-1887)

    Can You Believe?
    Our last newsletter went to 25 foreign countries and 33 states, and Washington D.C.

    What do you see?
    If you see a man’s face, you are considered physically and technically inclined. If you see the word “liar” you are considered to be more cerebrally inclined. Good Luck!

    Pekingnese + Lhasa Apso = Peekasso, an abstract dog

    Thank You
    . . .to the following students for this issue’s “Artifacts” illuminated letters: Emilie George, George Hider, Alison Lively, Coale Mechlin, Megan Murray, Anne Piper.

    Also to:
    . . .Linda Mattera and Magi Wilson for typing our mailing labels.
    . . .The following companies for helping make our art box so great:
    Princeton Art & Brush
    Flambeau Products
    Binney and Smith
    Loew Cornell
    Daler Rowney USA
    General Pencil
    Ampersand Art Supply