Winter 2003

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Join in Our Success
Followers of the Artifacts newsletter probably already know that both Odyssey Art Centers and Odyssey Art at Sea have enjoyed tremendous success. Undoubtedly, this success is due to the dedication and talent of its owners, instructors and students. Nevertheless, Linda Perlmutter has not actively sought franchisees. If there ever was a time to own a home-based, child-focused business, it has to be now. According to Entrepreneur Magazine ONLINE, franchises that blend education with fun, are home-based and include children’s activities, are leading the pack of franchise opportunities.

Too many eager students coupled with 25 successful years of home-based art lessons led Linda to franchise the Odyssey Art center concept in 1995. Qualified can-didates also found it an ideal way to teach interested children and adults about art while being successfully self-employed.

Extensive new owner training covers the program’s philosophy, equipment, materi-als, format of each ten-week session, basic business practices, and how to operate and market the program. An overriding focus is to teach the Odyssey Art method, giving students a successful experience while also meeting the individual’s needs. Most impor-tantly, Linda is a hands-on owner-operator anxious to share a wealth of knowledge.

In the summer, all owners participate in a two or three day training program for the following year’s materials, held in Linda Perlmutter’s studio in Sleepy Hollow, NY.

If anyone you know is interested in learning more, please have them complete an on-line application (found at and mail it to us at: Odyssey Art Centers, Box 512, Tarrytown, NY 10591. We will contact you upon receipt and review.

This is not an offer to sell which can only be made by prospectus where permitted by law.

Linda's Corner
I often receive phone calls from old friends who have been on my watercolor class waiting list for some time. When spaces are available, I call them, but for some of them the time is never right. They are too busy with their careers, children, and all the other components that make life busy. Occasionally, somebody tells me the time now is different. Recently, one friend decided that she was finally ready. A serious health problem confronted her and now she’s going to make the time to learn how to paint. It was something she had been thinking of for a while – but the health issue made her act on it.

Why is it that we always tend to put off those things we want to do? We’re too stressed at work, too tired, or otherwise too committed till some-thing in our lives tells us otherwise. When a new year arrives, it’s great to stop, take stock, and evaluate what is important in our lives. Are we seeing the people we love enough? Are we making the time to do those things which make us feel good? Are we feeling fulfilled by learning and growing – no matter what stage we are at?

We should always remember that we have choices. The difficult part is finding that delicate homeostasis where we balance what we need to do with what we want to do. With these thoughts, I wish you all a creative, happy, and peaceful 2003.

tudent Snapshot
Nicole London: I have been taking art classes with Mrs. Perlmutter since 1 st grade. With this class, I did not only art pro-jects, but I learned the background of what I was creating. Mrs. Perlmutter has tons of materials to work with that I’ve never used before! She comes up with the most interesting projects using many different mediums and cultures’ art. This class real-ly teaches you about different things you wouldn’t typically learn. Now, we are doing Japanese art. She taught us about kimonos and showed us several examples. After that, we actu-ally got to make them using felt and fabric paint! Every class, you get a choice of what to do. You never are forced into anything. Also, you can work at your own pace. My favorite types of art are painting and drawing. I learned how to do landscapes with watercolors and people with acrylics. Sometimes she takes out the big mirrors and we do self-portraits. I have improved greatly with her help and lessons. Mrs. Perlmutter is an experienced artist and she knows what she’s teaching us. That’s why I enjoy them so much! -- Nicole London, 6th grade

Ali London: I’ve only been taking Mrs. Perlmutter’s Odyssey Art class-es since the beginning of 2 nd grade. What I like about the class is I can learn about other cultures and do the projects at the same time. Last year, we made masks with Paris-Craft. I liked that because it’s smooth and easier to work with than paper mâché. I also enjoy the art classes because I can meet new friends. Mrs. Perlmutter is a great art teacher. She inspires kids to be creative and have lots of fun! -- Ali London, 3rd grade

Worth a Lk
American Museum of Natural History
Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter Through May 26, 2003. 500 live, free-flying tropical butterflies in an enclosed habitat that approximates their natural environment.

Einstein Through August 10, 2003. A profile of this scientific genius including letters, personal effects and several rare manuscripts.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Genesis: Ideas of Origin in African Sculpture Through April 13, 2003. This exhibition includes 40 exceptional ci wara headdresses and explores how artists in 17 distinct African cultures have interpreted this classical sculptural form.

A Very Private Collection: Janice H. Levin’s Impressionist Pictures Through February 9, 2003. 35 works by impressionist artists such as Claude Monet, Pierre Bonnard, Auguste Renoir and Alfred Sisley.

Leonardo da Vinci, January 22 - March 30, 2003. The first comprehensive survey of Leonardo’s drawings ever presented in America.

dyssey Interactive
Comments received by Hope Friedman on QE2
Hope was fantastic! One of the most knowledgeable teachers who was encouraging to the students and always making new suggestions. I like the instructor and her uncomplicated way of teaching. The best [instructor] I ever encountered on a cruise -- made it all fun!

Comments received by Maggie Hunt on Crystal Harmony Really excellent. Quite inspiring and was able to manage a large class which in popularity. I would certainly recommend Maggie and John to anyone planning a course. I thought the classes were a great success. they made a major contribution to the cruise for me. I would just like to say that they made many people very happy. So helpful, a lovely person and a very clever artist. Loads of fun!

Odyssey Art on the Move
Crystal Symphony
Carol McDonald
      January 19 to February 7
Zoe Mac
      February 7 to March 18
Sonja Lehman
      March 18 to May 3
Penny Cassar and Linda Freeman
      April 14 to May 3

Radisson Navigator
Joy Tobin
      February 26 to March 26

Crystal Harmony
Mimi Hitselberger
      February 1 to 12
Ann Marie Leone
      February 12 to 27
Maggie Hunt
      March 6 to April 3

Marilyn Rees at her Odyssey Art at Sea Art show.

Odyssey Art at Sea class aboard the Crystal Symphony

Betsy Leitzes' Turtle Cake
Duncan Hines German
Chocolate cake mix
1stick butter
16 oz. bag caramels
1 /2 cup evaporated milk
1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup chocolate chips
* Prepare Duncan Hines German Chocolate cake mix according to directions and add extra stick of melted butter.
* Spray 9" x 13" cake pan with Pam and pour half of batter in pan. Bake 15 minutes at 350°.
* Melt caramels in evaporated milk and let cool. Add pecans and chocolate chips and pour over cake. Put rest of batter on top and bake 25 minutes.
* Make 2 days ahead. Then cut.

Art History
Sleepy Hollow Bristles Ally Molner and Sam Oak-Leaf show off their finger puppets.     Fleetwood Artisans Grace OToole, Courtney Cambbell, Charlotte Rizzo dance in their kimonos.
Micki Ravitz at a Odyssey Art at Sea instructors training in Sleepy Hollow.     Susan Diamond of the Odyssey Art Watercolor Society.
Odyssey Art instructors Penny Cassar, Carole Hickey and Cathy Van der Meulen at the US Open.    
Sleepy Hollow artisans in their kimonos. Top, left to right: William Jelenek, Luke Chang, Matthew Marshall, Robert Dondiego, John Brabazon. Above: Emily Fehr, Lindsay Muratore, Haley Muratore, Claire Chang.

¤Ann Palmer, former Odyssey Art Artisan, Sleepy Hollow, received a Masters ofEducation from Harvard. Her emphasis is in Art Education. She’s involved with Project Zero, an educational research group, whose mission is to understand and enhance learning, thinking, and creativity in the arts.
¤Victoria Hawes, former Odyssey Art Artisan, Sleepy Hollow, recently left the film industry to pursue a career in teaching. She continues to work on one film project, "The Mudball War". It is an independent film she is producing for her brother, Barret Hawes.
¤Barret Hawes, former Odyssey Art Artisan, Sleepy Hollow, is a writer, director and cinematographer, and editor of the feature film, "The Mudball War" ( see above). He also works as a documentary film editor, most recently for the ABC special, The Hamptons.
¤Kristiana Spaulding, former Odyssey Art Artisan, Sleepy Hollow, recently had a solo exhibition as part of her MFA, at the Academy of Art College Gallery in San Francisco.
¤Lisa Santo, Odyssey Art at Sea teacher and member of the Odyssey Art Watercolor Society, Sleepy Hollow, had an exhibit at the Warner Library, Tarrytown, NY. She and Katherine Petitti, a former member of the Odyssey Art Watercolor Society also displayed work at the Greenburgh Nature Center, in Hartsdale, NY.
¤Joy Tobin, Odyssey Art at Sea teacher had an exhibit of her paintings at the Bronxville Women’s Club, NY.
¤Elizabeth Lambos, former Odyssey Art Artisan, Sleepy Hollow, was recognized as a National Merit Scholarship Competition Semi-Finalist. She is at Hackley School, Tarrytown, NY.
¤Sarah Joselow, Assistant to Linda Perlmutter, former Odyssey Art Artisan and Master, Sleepy Hollow, has a pen & and ink drawing of Albert Einstein on display at Pace University, Pleasantville, NY, in the High School Invitational Small Works Exhibition 2002.
Please let us know of other awards or items of interest!
Send to Odyssey Artifacts, Box 512, Tarrytown, New York 10591

Thank You
... to the following students for this issue's "Artifacts" illuminated letters: Amy Sigurdson, Ashley Morse, Amelia Phillips, Gabriella Grantham, Kyrie Abiko, Meghan Cahill, Fleetwood Odyssey Art artisans.

Also to: Toni Apuzzo for doing the labels.
"When I started to paint I felt transported into a kind of paradise .... In everyday life I was usually bored and vexed .... starting to paint I felt gloriously free."

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