Fall 2003

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New Franchisee joins the Odyssey Art Family
Paula Bowers is very excited about being a new owner of an Odyssey Art Center. She looks forward to sharing her passion of art with others through this outstanding program. Paula has been drawing since she was very young age. She discovered her real passion for art while she attended Dreher High School in Columbia, SC. At the age of sixteen, she was accepted into the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts at Furman University. There she studied art under several well known artists, as well as art professors from colleges up and down the east coast. By the age of eighteen, she was accepting commissions for portrait work. After high school, she attended Columbia College on an art scholarship as an art/education major and studied under Stephen Nevitt. She married her high school sweet heart and started to raise a family. She and her husband now have 4 children which means there is never a lack of subject matter to draw or paint. Paula specializes in drawing portraits of children in colored pencil and watercolors. She is a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists, the South Carolina Watercolor Society, as well as the local artist guilds in her community. She just recently designed her own website that contains some samples of her work ( Her portraits appear in private and corporate collections. For art classes in the Columbia, SC area contact Paula at (803) 252-5329.

Linda's Corner
When we started the Odyssey Art center franchise, at the same time, Odyssey Art at Sea was born. Knowing I'd be too busy to really give quality time to people I'd have to travel to, we kept Odyssey Art close by. Now that Odyssey Art at Sea is established and known in the cruise industry the time has come to expand Odyssey Art Centers. We hired a marketing expert, Cathy Short, who knows the art industry and we received a stack of applications.

After careful consideration we decided Paula Bowers would be a perfect candidate. Paula has all those qualities which make a teacher successful. She loves people and is nurturing. She looks forward to learning and teaching others. She is reliable, honest, creative and generous and has a wonderful support system in place. It has been a great experience going down to Columbia, South Carolina to help her set up her new Odyssey Art Studio!

If you or someone you know is interested in teaching Odyssey Art classes, now is the time. Our franchise is user friendly, and costs are now less than they will be in the future. The first step is to fill out the franchise application form on the website, Feel free to email us with any questions at odyssey

Student Snapshot
Kate McGlynn: Eight years ago I started my career with Odyssey Art. I began taking classes with Mrs. Hickey one afternoon a week. As a ten-year-old her studio was amazing and it still is. For four years I looked forward to those afternoons on which I had class. Mrs. Hickey encouraged me to develop my skills in drawing, painting, creating and designing. Four years ago Mrs. Hickey gave me the opportunity to continue my career with Odyssey Art by offering me a position assisting her Bristles' classes. I now look forward to the days each week that I go to work. I thoroughly enjoy my job because I get to share my skills with the students while having fun. My experience with Odyssey Art and with Mrs. Hickey was very positive and beneficial. I am now incorporating the design skills I learned while taking and teaching the class into my major of marketing and design. I'm sure that the skills I learned early on in my career with Odyssey will help me throughout my life.

Kate and Jackie Puma in Grecian costume Kate and Carole Hickey Kate assisting Odyssey Art Center, Fleetwood

Worth a Lk
American Museum of Natural History
Vietnam: Journeys of Body, Mind & Spirit Through January 4, 2004. A comprehensive exhibition presenting Vietnamese culture in the early 21st century.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Hudson River School Visions, The Landscapes of Sanford R. Gifford October 8 to February 8, 2004. A retrospective (the first since 1889) including nearly 70 paintings.

El Greco October 7 to January 11, 2004. A major retrospective with some 80 works that span the whole of his career.

Timeline of Art History is a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art around the world, as illustrated especially by the Met's collection.

Dia: Beacon
Dia Art Foundation's new museum situated on the banks of the Hudson River in Beacon, New York. The museum occupies a former box-printing facility and provides an ideal site for contemporary art. The galleries comprise 240,000 square feet and present a vast range of works by some of the most significant artists of the last half century.

Art History
(Click on each snapshot to see the whole picture)
Making a summer hat, Marlee Carayol Roslyn and Ellen Glover, artisans, Sleepy Hollow (from left to right) Simone Conrad, Linda Perlmutter, Cate, artisans, Sleepy Hollow
Peter Jelenek, artisan, Sleepy Hollow Josh Muhlbaum, artisan, Sleepy Hollow, wearing his tie-dyed t-shirt and socks Simone Conrad, artisan, Sleepy Hollow, selecting her decorations
Haylee Carayol, artisan, Sleepy Hollow Ali London and Sydney Murphy, artisans, Sleepy Hollow, wrapping Abi Weber as the mummy in the Great Mummy Contest (from left to right) The Great Mummy Contest! Casey Tillis, artisan, Nina Skoko, master, Hannah Weber (mummy), master, and Catherine Lillis, master. All from Sleepy Hollow
(All photos in this section by Dorothy Handelman)

Meet Carole Hickey
Owner of the Fleetwood, New York Odyssey Art Center
Art has always been a part of my life --from the childhood praise of a grandmother to the study of it in school. With the exception of my countless museum excursions, I never truly brought art into my daily life as an adult until I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

When I heard those words, my life flashed before me. The one regret I had was that I never pursued my love of art. After successful treatment, I happened to meet Linda Perlmutter. My art classes with her lead to a friendship, business relationship, and started me on my own art odyssey.

I opened my own Odyssey Art Center in 1995 and have so enjoyed working with the children over the years. It is wonderful to know that I have in some small way played a role in their development. Nurturing and understanding each child's needs is important to me. It is very exciting to see them discover the magic and fun of learning through art. When past students come to visit, how wonderful it is to see how they've matured and made use of what they learned in my classes. Many of my students have achieved much in a diversity of fields!

Teaching Odyssey Art classes allows me the time to continue with my own watercolor painting and exhibiting. After many years now of painting, I still find it exciting to put brush to paper. I really believe art enhances our lives. I encourage anyone who has been thinking about trying his or her hand at art (in any form) to do so. I know many of my past adult students from Odyssey Art at Sea are continuing their artistic experimentations. I've found that there's a lot of hidden talent waiting to be tapped. Art isn't as threatening as many believe. After all there is no right way or wrong way -- just your way!

My family has been very supportive of all my artistic endeavors--Meaghan (28) is a Promotions Manager at Better Homes and Gardens, Taryn (25) is a Pastry Chef at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia, and my husband, Ray, is an Engineering Consultant in the Coffee Industry.

Through my experience with Odyssey Art, I've learned it's important to embrace each new day, and do the things you truly enjoy!
--Carole Hickey

Odyssey Art on the Move
Oceania Regatta
Carol McDonald
November 10 to 24

Radisson Diamond
Marlene Batoff
October 31 to November 19

Radisson Voyager
Linda Perlmutter
November 9 to 18
Crystal Symphony
Alicia Landon
October 19 to November 19

Crystal Harmony
Christine Fitzgerald
October 26 to November 6

Irene Kerman and Fran D'Agostino
November 6 to 18

Mia & Tim Hand
November 18 to 29

Maggie Hunt
November 29 to December 10

Carol Gangemi
December 10 to 22

Judith Kane
December 22 to January 5

Try This!
Make a Monoprint
Paint on a 5' x 7' piece of smooth 'Claybord'. Use colors you like and abstract designs. The paint should be very wet. Press onto a larger piece of Arche's 140lb. hot pressed paper using the 'Claybord' as a printing plate. Use the heel of the hand to add pressure, rubbing the back of the 'Claybord'. Look at your design! Use black 'Vision' drawing pens to add details – either abstract or real.

'Claybord' is a painting surface. 'Vision' drawing pens are waterproof, thin line pens. Both items can be found in art supply stores.

§Sam Halajian, former Odyssey Art Artisan and Master, Sleepy Hollow, and a senior in high school, is taking advanced placement course at NYU in Photography and filmmaking.
§Jonathan Cohen, William Piereson and Elizabeth Bierut, former Odyssey Art Artisans, and students at Hackley School, Tarrytown won awards at the National Latin exam.
§Jennifer Dondiego, former Odyssey Art Artisan and Master, Sleepy Hollow, was a top scorer in a Math contest at Sleepy Hollow High School, Tarrytown.
§Lena Yavrouian, Odyssey Art Artisan, Sleepy Hollow, designed a poster called “ What My Pet Deserves” for the Dutchess County SPCA and won 2nd prize.
§Robert Accordino, former Odyssey Art Artisan, Sleepy Hollow, will spend a year a s a Fulbright scholar at the University of Queensland in Australia. He has just completed a year at the University of Oxford on a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship.
§Taraneh Khosrowshahi, former Odyssey Art Artisan, Sleepy Hollow, and a senior at Hackley School, Tarrytown, won the Hamilton College prize, presented to a junior for excellence in communicating both in written and oral form.
§Georgia Lathrop, former Odyssey Art Artisan, Briarcliff, received the the Miller Bowl, presented to a middle school student at Hackley School, Tarrytown, honoring consistently kind and courteous conduct.
Fletch received many birthday
cards for his 12th birthday
on March 18, 2003. Card
pictured above is by Roxanna
Hedati, Odyssey Art Master,
Sleepy Hollow
§Leland Hull, former Odyssey Art Artisan, Sleepy Hollow, and a senior at Hackley School, Tarrytown received the Hackley Mother's Association Bowl, presented to the outstanding junior girl.
§Lindsay Kurfirst, former Odyssey Art Artisan, Sleepy Hollow, was named to the dean's list at Syracuse University.
§Danial Catalan, Odyssey Art Master, Sleepy Hollow, had his artwork chosen for the Pocantico Hills School calendar.
Please let us know of other awards or items of interest!
Send to Odyssey Artifacts, Box 512, Tarrytown, New York 10591

"I have a wife too many already, namely this art, which harries me incessantly, and my works are my children"
ó Michelangelo

Thank You
... to the following students for this issue's "Artifacts" illuminated letters: Sarah Bowers, Melissa Corbett, Caley Smith, Krystin White, Cheyenne Wiseman, Columbia Odyssey Art artisans

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